Peutz Jeghers Syndrome

What is Peutz jeghers Syndrome? Peutz jeghers syndrome is an inherited genetic disorder causes abnormality in mutation and outcome can


What is Diaphoresis? Diaphoresis or excessive sweating related to an underlying condition is one of the most disconcerting signs that

Treacher Collins Syndrome

What is Treacher Collins Syndrome? AB Collins Syndrome also called Treacher Collins syndrome (TSC) refers to an autosomal dominant congenital

Dressler Syndrome

What is Dressler Syndrome? Dressler Syndrome is medically known as post myocardial infraction syndrome and sometimes refer to postpericardiotomy pericarditis.

Groin Strain

What is Groin Strain? Groin strain is a common sports injury. The injury comes from stretching or suddenly pulling the

Facet Arthropathy

What is Facet Arthropathy? Facet arthropathy is a degenerative form of arthritis, which affects the facet joints of the spinal

Cardiorenal Syndrome

What is Cardiorenal Syndrome? The coexistence of chronic kidney disease and heart disease is quite common. Both these diseases interact

Loeys Dietz Syndrome

What is Loeys Dietz Syndrome? Loeys Dietz Syndrome is a genetic connective tissue disease, similar to Marfan syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Patellar Tendonitis

What is Patellar Tendonitis? Patellar Tendonitis or jumper’s knee is a condition in which the patellar tendon which connects the

Genu Recurvatum

What is Genu Recurvatum? Genu recurvatum is also referred to as back knee or knee hyperextension. It is a type