Sezary Syndrome

Sezary Syndrome Definition Sezary Syndrome abbreviated as SS is an erythrodermic type of cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma (CTCL) which is a

Post Thrombotic Syndrome

What is Post Thrombotic Syndrome? Post thrombotic syndrome is the worse condition of Deep vein thrombosis. Anatomically, tiny valves are

Gerstmann Syndrome

What is Gerstmann Syndrome? Gerstmann Syndrome is a rare neurological degenerative disorder, develops due to lesion obtained due to developmental

Battered Wife (Women) Syndrome

What is Battered wife syndrome? Battered wife syndrome is a psychological condition arises after long term domestic violence, as an

Aicardi Syndrome

What is Aicardi Syndrome? Aicardi syndrome is a very infrequent kind of genetic congenital disorder wherein the corpus callosum that

Stockholm Syndrome

What is Stockholm Syndrome? There are a number of events in the past where victims have developed bonds with their

Colles Fracture

What is colles fracture? Colles Fracture, named after and described by Abraham Colle’s in 1814, is a fracture of the

Vaginal Polyps

The vaginal lining is a suitable environment for the growth of vaginal polyps. The presence of these abnormal growth may

Bartholin’s Gland Cyst

Introduction Cysts that develop in the Bartholin’s gland is common in women who are in the reproductive age. Based on