Ischiogluteal Bursitis

What is Ischiogluteal Bursitis?

Ischiogluteal bursitis is a specific condition that is defined with pain in the buttock area. The name of the disease comes from the Ischiogluteal bursa. It is a sac placed just at the base of the pelvis. The sac is filled with fluid that helps to remove the friction between the soft tissues and layers.

ischiogluteal bursitis

However, any damage and inflammation due to any reason in the Ischiogluteal bursa leads to severe pain and uncomforting situation. According to medical science, the condition is called as the Ischiogluteal bursitis. However, normally it is also called as the Ischiogluteal Pain.

The severity and the criticality of the disease depend upon the inflammation and damage of the sac. The sac is basically placed between hamstring tissues, tendon the pelvis. The damage to this area means a lot of pain during locomotion.  It will start irritating whenever you will start even walking or doing any physical activity.

The causes of the Ischiogluteal bursitis can be anything that deals with excessive strains and work. It may occur for prolonged sitting as well. If you are frequent in running, jumping or kicking then you may often injure your sac at the base of the pelvis and that leads to Ischiogluteal bursitis.


The symptoms of the Ischiogluteal bursitis are very important to observe and understand. The problem can lead to many complex situations and it is better to make sure that the patient gets diagnosed as early as possible.

  • The first and foremost symptom of the Ischiogluteal bursitis is the severe pain. The pain is generally seen at the lower buttock region due to the location of the sac. The pain can vary from individual to individual depending upon the damage or inflammation that the sac has suffered. However, you will start feeling the pain as soon as the Ischiogluteal bursa starts damaging.
  • The pain can be replaced by stiffness and ache for the less extreme cases. If the damage is not that much severe then you might experience this due to Ischiogluteal bursa.
  • The patient may start facing pain during sitting especially hard surfaces due to Ischiogluteal bursitis.
  • During the athletic activities like Running, Jumping, Walking and so on the pain grows. Also, it has been seen that the pain seems to get warmed up due to the physical activities.

Complicating symptoms can be observed at the later stage. More will be the damage, the complex will be the signs. The symptoms of the Ischiogluteal bursitis at a later stage are as follows.

  • The performance of a person gets reduced or it can be said that physical capability in athletes gets heavily reduced due to the pain of Ischiogluteal bursitis. So, if it has lasted for quite some time, then you might consider that a person would give up on walking, running, kicking or even dancing due to the pain.
  • The damage to hamstring tendon can be very frequent at the later stage of the Ischiogluteal bursitis. So, if you are getting such complexities that means, the Ischiogluteal bursitis is getting bigger and bigger.


As far as the treatment is concerned, there is no such medicine available for the disease. However, the most effective form of treatment for Ischiogluteal bursitis is the Physiotherapy. It can heal you permanently from the pain of Ischiogluteal bursitis.

The time duration of the treatment, however, depends upon the criticality of the issue. It is often seen that the Physiotherapy acts faster than anything else. You can, however, take natural remedies for Ischiogluteal bursitis as well along with the exercises. Exercises are the best thing to fight in life.


There are several exercises that can help you to fight against the Ischiogluteal bursitis. These exercises give proper physical movements to the buttock, the sack, and hamstring and associated parts of Ischiogluteal bursa.

The exercises are meant to heal the process forever. If you do the exercises regularly then you would never encounter such problems as well.

The common exercises for Ischiogluteal bursitis are Bridging, Seated Hamstring Contraction, Lying Hip Extension, Hamstring Stretch, Gluteal Stretch and others. These are the most effective exercises.


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