Warts on Tongue

What are Warts on Tongue?

Warts in tongue is also known as verruca vulgaris. This is an infectious condition which is contagious in nature. The incidence rate is not so high, but common in every country around the globe. The warts on tongue is mainly affected in the immunosuppressant individuals. The size and number of  warts differ from individual to individual. Warts on tongue can affect in any age, but more common in teenagers and young adults. (1,2)

Tongue Warts Pictures HPV

Tongue Anatomy

Tongue is a muscular organ. The upper visible surface of the tongue  is known as dorsal surface. The velvety exterior of the dorsal layer is due to papillae, which covers the exterior surface. Tongue examination is included in physical examination, as the color and appearance of the dorsal layer changes with different diseases. (6)


warts on tongue-symptoms
Warts on tongue

Following are the symptoms associated with warts on tongue:

  • Easily visible on the surface of the tongue, as they are the lifted projection of the upper layer of the muscle
  • Cauliflower shaped, reddish fleshy appearance
  • Easily spread to other mucous layer of the mouth
  • Appear as a single wart or in a cluster
  • Feeling of discomfort
  • Difficulty in eating, drinking and talking
  • The foods which irritate the tongue can produce pain
  • Cold sore or lesion are usually accompanied with warts on tongue
  • Untreated condition causes bleeding and spreading to other parts of the oral cavity. (4,6)


  • Warts on tongue is a benign outgrowth, developed due to viral infection. The causative organism is Human Papilloma virus (HPV). The infection can spread via kissing, oral sex or other associated activities where skin to skin contact is possible. Warts on the tongue and other warts on oral cavity incorporate with condyloma acuminatum. Multiple HPV strains are associated with condyloma acuminatum, which include types 6 and 116, 11, 12.
  • The specific strains of HPV involve in warts on tongue are types 1, 2, 4, 7.
  • Immunosuppressive individual like HIV positive patients are commonly affected with the included strains. (2, 7)



The warts on tongue is self limiting condition, which  usually disappear with its own way. In maximum cases the duration of onset and disappearance of warts on tongue is within 2 years. Individual with weak immune system has tendency to recurrence of the warts. Some home remedies and pharmacological therapy can improve the condition.

Home remedies

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective, as it has antiseptic properties and may obliterate the infectious agent. The mode of application is considered as adding few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and apply on the warts. Repeat the same for a number of times in a day.

Banana peels

banana peel has cleansing property, so  collect the banana peels and gently rub on the dorsal surface of the tongue. Frequently repeat this for obtain a beneficial result.

Raw potatoes

Take slice of a potato and then gently rub on the warts of the tongue for few minutes. Repeat the same for a day in several times. the beneficial effects occur within 2 weeks.

Aloe vera

This has a soothing property, so the discomfort associated with warts on tongue can be minimized by applying the aloe vera gel on the tongue and helps to quick healing.


Garlic is good example of natural antimicrobial agent and considered as it has antiviral properties. Speedy removal of warts can be possible by applying the mashed garlic on the warts. (1)

Pharmacological Therapy

  • Some topical agents are available in the pharmacy stores, which has moderate effect to treat warts on tongue. This include salicylic acid and cantharidi.
  • Some antiviral drugs may be prescribed by the doctor to kill the responsible HPV virus.
  • If the warts become ruptured, then it causes pain. Different non steroidal anti-inflammatory agents are present to relief the pain and discomfort. (4,6,7)

Surgical Therapy

Different invasive surgical methods can also be applicable for removal of warts on the tongue, which include cryotherapy and laser surgery.

  • In cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the warts and then to block the blood flow on the warts and destroy the involved tissues.
  • In laser surgery, the laser rays are used to remove the warts. (4,5,6)



  • HPV is one of the viral which is transmit via genital organ. It is always advisable that avert oral sex
  • Protective sexual measure is always better option to avoid the incidence.
  • Condom and Dental dams are applicable for protective measure. (3)


It is observed worldwide that 7%  to 10% of the general population  is affected with warts on tongue. Around 23% of the cases demonstrate  recurrence within 2 months and 30% of cases regress spontaneously within 3 months and 65% to 78% relapse impulsively within 2 years respectively. (2)


Tongue Warts Images

Tongue Warts photos 3


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