What is Diaphoresis? Diaphoresis or excessive sweating related to an underlying condition is one of the most disconcerting signs that

Groin Strain

What is Groin Strain? Groin strain is a common sports injury. The injury comes from stretching or suddenly pulling the

Genu Recurvatum

What is Genu Recurvatum? Genu recurvatum is also referred to as back knee or knee hyperextension. It is a type

Colles Fracture

What is colles fracture? Colles Fracture, named after and described by Abraham Colle’s in 1814, is a fracture of the

Trimalleolar Fracture

Definition Trimalleolar Fracture also known as the “break in bone” is the state of the bones where the three parts

Condyloma Acuminatum

What is Condyloma Acuminatum? Condyloma acuminatum is a type of sexually transmitted disease that may occur in the internal or

Warts on Tongue

What are Warts on Tongue? Warts in tongue is also known as verruca vulgaris. This is an infectious condition which

NeuroCardiogenic Syncope

What is neurocardiogenic syncope? Medically syncope means fainting, and one of the most common findings in clinical practice. The frequent