Pimple on Nipple


Pimples can happen at any part of the body including nipple. Pimple or bump shaped development in nipple always creates some panic situation as breast cancer is very predominance health concern in recent days. It is not always necessary that pimple on nipple become a serious issue, it can occurs as normal as with other part.


Pimple on nipple may embarrass you and you may hesitate to discuss this with your doctor. In most of the cases it disappear by their own but if any infection occurs then proper treatment may be needed. Some of us become confused with glands of Montgomery. These glands are present in the areola of the nipple.

Areola assists in holding the nipple and Montgomery glands secrete some lubricating agent for balancing the moisture content during breast feeding. Count of Montgomery glands vary with age as it is lower in number in case of children but after puberty the number is increased. Usual count of the Montgomery glands are in between 5 to 20. During breast feeding they activate more. Pimple on nipple is thus more common after puberty and during breast feeding. Sometime some white secretion is come out from these pimples when you press them and it is normal. It is advisable not to squeeze them which increases the chance of development of infection and pain.

Causes of Pimple on Nipple

Clogging of the Montgomery glands

Montgomery glands are very sensitive and they secretes their secretion with the globules and ducts present at areola. If Montgomery glands become clogged and not transport their secretion into duct, then pimples may developed.

Blockage of hair follicles

Hair follicles are present also at areola and may be blocked due to accrual of dirt and oil. Sometimes accumulation of dead skin also causes blockage of hair follicle and produce pimple.

Origin of Pimple on Nipple

Image 2: Origin of Pimple on Nipple

Fungal Infection

Breast is our secondary reproductive organ and always covered with cloth. The sweat is generated more and cannot dry completely. Moisture is important for healthy skin but it also supports pathogenic growth on skin. Fungal infection is most common infection on skin and among them yeast infection is more prominent.

Unhygienic life style

Inadequate bathing, improper cleaning of the covered area, using soiled undergarments may cause germ attack and pimple development.

Poor quality clothing

It is always advisable to use cotton under garments as it helps to soak the sweat and dry the skin. Cotton cloths also allow to pass environmental fresh air. Nylon or other synthetic cloth used for making the under garments may be good for fashion but for health purpose cotton undergarments are always good.

Improper size of undergarments

Most of the women do not know the exact size of their undergarment and use wrong sized stuff. Tight undergarments is always unhealthy as it obstruct the proper blood circulation. It may also causes Montgomery glands clogging by obstructing the duct in the areola of the nipple which causes pimples in nipple.

Overproduction of milk

During breast feeding the pimple like growth is common, as this time Montgomery glands are active. Over production of milk in the mammary gland also causes bumps like structure in the nipple. Sometimes the duct is clogged with dry milk.

Accidental trauma

Accidental trauma which causes injury in breast or nipple cause pimple like structure.

Treatment of Pimple on Nipple

The determination of underlying cause is very important for proper treatment of pimple in the nipple. The following measures helps to remove and prevent the pimple in nipple.

  • Regular washing with mild cleansing agent help to remove the dirt and germs.
  • If clogging occur in Montgomery glands, then soak the area with warm water which assists to soften the skin and then gently rub the skin for removal of dry milk or dead skin.
  • Acne removing creams are available in the market which are chamomile- or calendula-based creams may application of these helps to clear the acne.
  • Purified hypoallergenic lanolin application after breast feeding is beneficial for prevention of pimple development.
  • In case of fungal infection topical antifungal cream or ointment helps to reduce the growth of the fungi. Ginger juice is used as natural antifungal agent.

In case the above mention treatment is not effective then it is advisable to consult with doctor as it may be a symptom of serious ailments such as cysts, fibroids or mastitis.


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