Uterine Ablation

What Is Uterine Ablation? Uterine Ablation is also known as endometrial ablation, uterine ablation is a procedure done to remove the

Vaginal Polyps

The vaginal lining is a suitable environment for the growth of vaginal polyps. The presence of these abnormal growth may

Bartholin’s Gland Cyst

Introduction Cysts that develop in the Bartholin’s gland is common in women who are in the reproductive age. Based on


Definition of Menorrhagia Menorrhagia is also known as “heavy” or “prolonged” menstrual cycle periods. This is only noted among women

Postmenopausal Bleeding

What is Menopause? The term menopause is used to describe the end of menstruation. A woman is described to be

Vaginal Pimples

Pimple-like structures may grow in the vaginal area, but unlike facial pimples, they sting and can be very painful. There

Decidual Bleeding

What is Decidual Bleeding? Decidual Bleeding is the type of bleeding that a woman has during first three months of

Meconium Staining

Meconium Staining Definition Meconium refers to the first stool that a baby passes out. It is made up of ingested

Rh Incompatibility

Definition Rh incompatibility is a medical condition that arise during the time of a woman’s pregnancy, where the woman has


Definition An amnioinfusion is a technique of instilling an isotonic fluid, such as a normal saline or lactated ringer’s solution,