Sapho Syndrome

What is Sapho Syndrome? A variety of osteoarticular and dermatological manifestations develop in a combination is termed as Sapho Syndrome. The

Little Man Syndrome

What Is Little Man Syndrome? Little man syndrome represents a condition with the inner complex due to ones short height.

Peutz Jeghers Syndrome

What is Peutz jeghers Syndrome? Peutz jeghers syndrome is an inherited genetic disorder causes abnormality in mutation and outcome can

Treacher Collins Syndrome

What is Treacher Collins Syndrome? AB Collins Syndrome also called Treacher Collins syndrome (TSC) refers to an autosomal dominant congenital

Dressler Syndrome

What is Dressler Syndrome? Dressler Syndrome is medically known as post myocardial infraction syndrome and sometimes refer to postpericardiotomy pericarditis.

Cardiorenal Syndrome

What is Cardiorenal Syndrome? The coexistence of chronic kidney disease and heart disease is quite common. Both these diseases interact

Loeys Dietz Syndrome

What is Loeys Dietz Syndrome? Loeys Dietz Syndrome is a genetic connective tissue disease, similar to Marfan syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Sezary Syndrome

Sezary Syndrome Definition Sezary Syndrome abbreviated as SS is an erythrodermic type of cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma (CTCL) which is a

Post Thrombotic Syndrome

What is Post Thrombotic Syndrome? Post thrombotic syndrome is the worse condition of Deep vein thrombosis. Anatomically, tiny valves are

Gerstmann Syndrome

What is Gerstmann Syndrome? Gerstmann Syndrome is a rare neurological degenerative disorder, develops due to lesion obtained due to developmental